BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390 vs Mahindra Mojo

BMW G310R vs Bajaj Pulsar VS400 vs KTM Duke 390 vs Mahindra Mojo

Over the last few years, the upper part of the sub-500cc motorcycle space in India has seen very exciting action with both foreign and domestic manufacturers bring out motorcycles. With even more to come out soon, lets check out what the segment has to offer.

In this BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390 vs Mahindra Mojo comparison, all the motorcycles are powered by single cylinder engines. Their peak power figures vary by as much as 16 bhp and each one excels at different things. But they belong to a single competing segment, atleast in the Indian market.

Note: I will list out reasons to choose each bike individually and provide the verdict at the end. However two of the bikes are yet to launch in India, so I will have to write about them with what I know. This post will be updated with every new piece of information , so bookmark if you want to continue reading in the future. Feel free to comment about thinks that I may have left out.

The BMW G310R and the KTM Duke 390 are both streetfighters and even look similar. The Bajaj Dominar 400 and Mahindra Mojo are more inclined to comfort and touring.

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BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar 400
BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390 vs Mahindra Mojo


The BMW G310R is arguably the most awaited motorcycle launch of 2016/2017. A near 2 lakh Beemer is something that nobody in their right mind would have expected. Thus superior brand value and German technology will be the biggest marketing point of the bike.

The bike was almost entirely developed in Germany but production takes place at TVS’ (their partner) facilty near Bengaluru. This is the reason for the low prices.

Can we really get the BMW G310R for Rs. 1.8 lakhs?

In terms of design, obvious inspiration from the bigger S1000R makes it look very premium. But unlike the latter, the design is not something we haven’t seen. Infact it slightly resembles the 390 Duke.

Powering the BMW G310R is a 313 cc single-cylinder engine that produces 34.4 PS at 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm at 7,500 rpm, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. This is lesser than both KTM Duke 390 and the Dominar 400 (expected). At 145 kmph, top speed is the least among all the bikes here.

Ride position and seating comfort is much better on the G310R, as compared to the KTM.

So with most features similar to or lesser than the 390 Duke, BMW will surely highlight brand value and premiumness in their ads.


  • Brand value
  • German technology and premiumness
  • Better comfort than 390 Duke


  • Less power and performance
  • Expected higher price

BMW G310R vs KTM Duke 390 compare

KTM Duke 390

Though KTM is a big brand, it is nowhere near BMW. However the manufacturer has a proven track record in India, and its offering- The Duke 390 excels in almost every factor in the sub-500cc streetfighter segment. What’s even more exciting is the 2017 update for the bike, which ditches the subtle, uninspiring lines for a very track-street aggressive demeanour. Its closeness to the SuperDuke in terms of design is hard to miss as well.

KTM’s 373.2cc is the most powerful engine in the sub-500cc class and on the 390 Duke produces 43 Bhp @ 9500 rpm and 35 Nm @ 7250 rpm. It is the most powerful motorcycle on the list and has the best features. Even so, it maintains to be highly affordable.

Almost everything that we disliked about the first generation models has been addressed with the new facelift.

KTM 390 Duke 2017

Price– Rs. 2.01 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)


  • Price and VFM
  • Superior features
  • Best power and performance
  • Proven track record and experience in the market


  • Nothing yet
Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390
Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390

Bajaj Dominar 400

When I said ‘arguably’ in the first sentence of BMW G310R, it was because of this bike. The Bajaj Dominar 400 was the talk of the town prior to its launch in December and the hype is still yet to die down. What makes this bike formidable is its superior looks, features and a very mouth watering price tag.

Bajaj Dominar 400 full details

Powering the bike is the same mill that is seen on the Duke 390, a 373.2, Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Triple Spark unit producing 34.5bhp@ 8000 RPM and 35 Nm at 6500 RPM. This will make it the second most powerful bike in the list.

While the bike lacks on some features like the USD front forks, overall it is very feature rich. The design is great and seems to offer a bigger bike feel. Further being a ‘Cruiser Sport’ it should offer excellent comfort and stability.

At Rs. 1.36 lakh for non-ABS variant and 1.5 lakh  for ABS (both introductory ex-showroom, Delhi) this is most definitely the most VFM offering currently available in India and will share the spot with 2017 Duke 390 when launched.

Price– 1.36 lakh


  • Powerful engine
  • Good looks
  • Comfort
  • Affordability


  • Lower performance

Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo has limited availability in India, but even then the bike manages respectable sales here. The excellent touring ability, large fuel tank and comfort are the biggest selling point of the bike. However it does lack ABS.

Owners can also be part of the Mojo Tribe- which is the official Mojo riders group. This is similar to what the manufacturer does in their car division.

The design of the Mojo is unique and the bike comes with good number of features. At 1.63 lakhs, it is very affordable as well. Powering the bike is a 294.72 cc, Liquid-cooled, Single Cylinder, DOHC engine producing 26.82 BHP @ 8000 rpm and 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm. These are the lowest figures in the group.

While the Mahindra Mojo is a very capable machine, its sales may get a severe dent with launch of the Bajaj Dominar 400. But then again, the exclusivity that Mahindra is maintaining at the moment could bring in more fan-following for the bike.

Price– Rs. 1.63 Lakhs


  • Unique design
  • Touring capabilities
  • Exclusivity


  • Less power
KTM duke 390 Vs BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar vs Mahindra Mojo
BMW G310R vs Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM Duke 390 vs Mahindra Mojo


The Bajaj Dominar 400 comes out as the overall best bike in the list, being a blend of comfort, affordability, power and features. The updated KTM Duke 390 is an equally impressive machine as well but loses out due to the premium it demands.



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  1. So the Duke is a proven bike in India. My friend loves his Duke, even if the engine switches off mysteriously. Service centre cannot fathom why.

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