BMW i8 First Production Car with Laser Lighting Technology

laser lighting bmw

Laser Lighting Technology

With its launch the BMW i8 become the first car to be fitted with the Advanced Laser Lighting Technology . BMW claims that this Laser beam technology is much advanced than the existing LED’s providing much more light intensity , control and efficiency . Apart from the BMW i8 the Audi R8 LMX limited edition is also expected to get a piece of this modern Technology . This laser  headlamp technology for i8  has been  developed by BMW jointly with a German Lighting specialists OSRAM

The Laser headlamps works due to the presence of t Laser Diodes and a new Fluorescent phosphorous material . In combination they produce a highly intensive beam of light , which provides visibility up to 600 meters in High beam (wow!) . Traditional LED headlamps can only illuminate 300m . The laser beam Intensity of the new Head lamps can be maxed out to 400 lux , however inorder to prevent glare from reflective surfaces , BMW has slightly reduced the lux level to 344 . If this is placed in comparison, the LED headlamps can only produce 180 lux while the traditional Halogen headlamaps could only max out at 100 lux . Other advantages of these lights include , better adaptability by allowing both vertical and horizontal movement , better anti- glare capabilities , Monochromatic beam etc

i8 headlight

Laser Lighting Technology i8

BMW i8 india laser

Laser Lighting Technology in I8

The new Laser headlamps not only provide much better light Intensity , It is also much more Efficient( infact 30% more efficeint )than the LED’s . BMW plans to bring the new technology to a host of other cars starting from the 6th Gen BMW 7 series , which will be launched soon . Apart from BMW , Audi also plans to go ahead with the Laser technology starting with their R8 LMX super car.

Audi LMX laser light

Laser Lighting Technology Audi



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