Bugatti Chiron Sport is lighter, sharper and of course, FASTER!

Bugatti Chiron Sport USA

Have you ever felt that the Bugatti Chiron is not fast enough? No, well the French do, and they have brought out an even better version as the Bugatti Chiron Sport. The Hyper car was revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor show and arguably, looks much better than the standard model (Disclaimer: I have a thing for red).

Obviously, any ‘Sport’ update requires a boost in power but the Chiron-already having lots to spare, won’t be getting any. Instead the car is lighter, sharpers and better equipped. This has in turn made it faster around the corners and quiker overall!

How is it lighter?

The Bugatti Chiron is lighter by 40 pounds (18 kilograms), mostly by the use of carbon fiber in its wheels and intercooler covers. Carbon Fiber is also used in the windscreen wiper (yes, the wipers!) and it is lighter by 77 percent. Also, the car comes with lighter rear windscreen and exhaust deflector.

Italian red Bugatti Chiron Sport

Why is it sharper?

For starters, the Chiron Sport comes with Dynamic Torque Vectoring which sends torque to individual wheels based on requirement. Further, in the ‘Handling’ drive mode, the suspension rides 10% stiffer due to a a new control strategy for the shock absorbers.

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The Chiron’s mileage isn’t as bad as you think!

What gain does the Bugatti Chiron Sport have on the tracks?

Bugatti claims that the Chiron Sport has achieved cornering speeds in excess of 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) on their Nardo test track. The car is also 5-seconds faster, which is a huge improvement by track-standards.

Here are some images:

New Bugatti Chiron Sport

Bugatti Chiron sport mobile

Chiron Sport rear Ride

Bugatti Chiron Sport Mobile wallpaper

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