Can Bajaj stop at Dominar 400 or is there time for one more?

Bajaj Dominar CS400

This is getting really tiresome. After deciding to launch their upcoming 373cc motorcycle under a new brand, Bajaj is having a very difficult time deciding what to call it. They started off with VS400 (CS tag was unlikely from the start), added Kratos, then removed the VS and finally, we have a winner- The Dominar 400 (try not to laugh). It is not officially confirmed yet and as per our calculations (December launch) they still have time for one more change, so fingers crossed.

This seems to be one of those situations where you were given charge of naming something really big and then decide to put it off till the last minute, only to choose the most childish one in your mind. For anyone who still doesn’t get it, Dominar is combination of ‘Domin’ate and ar (from puls’ar’)!

As I’ve said a number of times before, it is definitely great that Bajaj is growing out of the ‘Pulsar brand’, but there is no point if they can’t even come up with a relatable name. I liked ‘Kratos’ but unfortunately it won’t be used because of licensing issues and at this point, a simple VS400 feels much better.

Who knows, maybe we will get used to it. However, that for me really depends on how good the Dominar 400 turns out.

Dominar 400 kratos

I’m sure that you might have all lost interest by now and is unlikely read its specification. Follow below links if you want to continue reading:

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