Yamaha R15 V2 vs Honda CBR 150r – The Ultimate Review

  After continuously using the Yamaha R15 V2 and the Honda CBR 150r for almost 3 months now , I’ve decided to put my entire experiance in to words. This is one of the most asked question even now and rightly so . Both the bikes seem to have their own good and bad , […]

2014 Honda CBR 250R And 300R vs The Hero HX250R !

With the launch of the Honda CBR 300R  and Hero’s much awaited quarter Liter bike, the HX250r scheduled to happen by late 2015 (early 2016), we only felt it was fitting to provide a small vivid comparison between the two for the potential buyers .Further there is also news that the CBR 250r variant, which was launched […]

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