Premier Electric Hatchback & Force Electric SUV – Thoughts?

The other day I was writing about how Honda and GM are working together to make two new electric vehicles and the realization struck- we in India are not doing nearly enough! There have been promising developments in the electric two-wheeler segment but cars, for a variety of reasons, have been neglected. This is surprising […]

Is DC2’s hideous E Amby a marketing trick?

Who is designing cars for DC Designs or rather DC2 nowadays? what do they expect with a car like this? Do they think that this is the new Cybertruck or something? DC2’s rendition of an ‘Electric Ambassador’ utterly disappoints in every aspect. Even worse, they are calling it the ‘eAmby’- officially, in their Facebook handle […]

Images: Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept

Infinity has revealed the QX inspiration electric crossover at the ongoing 2019 Detroit Auto Show.  It is 183 inches (4,650 mm) long and has a very spacious Japanese-themed interior. Much of the cabin has been moved forward, courtesy of the lack of a big engine at front. For the same reasons, engineers had more flexibility […]

$2.5 million Pininfarina electric Hypercar teased!

Back in 2015, when Mahindra acquired Pininfarina for $185 million, we thought it was to boost their in-house design capabilities and save their ailing passenger car division. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong and this -$2.5 million hypercar– miscalculation is being rubbed in our face the past couple of days. Mahindra split Pininfarina in […]

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