Subaru STI Type RA, Mark Higgins & the Transfagarasan

For a rally veteran of Mark Higgin’s calibre, 52.4 miles of unabated tarmac is probably as easy as it gets. Throw in a few 100 turns and you make it fun for him. But when its 688 turns, rain and fog around every corner, drop-offs that can plummet you to your doom, you call it […]

The rich culture of Goa – It’s not just beaches

Goa is not just the beachy touristy party place it is best known as. Colonised by the Portuguese, Goa has a rich and varied cultural narrative that has been changing through the centuries. These traditional antiquities have been protected in several museums around the state, with each museum telling a different tale. In addition, there […]

[VIDEO] Maruti Baleno customer cheated by service centre

What is the worst part of owning a car or motorcycles? An answer we hear more often than not is ‘service’. It’s actually not the ‘service’ part that gets people paranoid. Most people are more than happy to dish out a few hundred or thousand rupees to keep their vehicle in tip-toe shape. However, when […]

[VIDEO] This 575 hp Jaguar F-Type SVR is no match for the Bugatti Chiron

The Jaguar F-Type SVR is one of the most potent machines in the sports coupe segment. It is in no way a slow car and could give most competition a good run for their money. However, If you pit it against a 1500PS Bugatti Chiron, the results will be very different. A new YouTube video […]