The Grand Tour not touring, pitches tent

The Grand Tour was one of the biggest shows to premier in 2016. Though it went on to become a huge success, there were certain things that we felt could have been improved. The moving tents were one among them and fortunately, we won’t be seeing them in the next season. The Grand Tour premier […]

[Video] KSRTC bus T-bones Mercedes-Benz C220 near Kottayam

New video shows a Mercedes Benz C-Class being T-boned by a Kerala Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus at high speed. Occupants of the car (& bus) escaped without major injuries. Incident The Mercedes C220 was trying to cut lanes to enter a fuel station when the accident happened. The bus, which was coming at a […]

Little girl shows how everyone feels driving a BMW M5 [Infections laugh alert]

Horsepower is a very addictive thing and when you experience it at a tender age, you get hooked for life. In a video shared by Ervin Boer Photography in Facebook, a little girl can be seen enjoying lots of it behind the wheels of a 700 hp+ BMW M5. Her laugh is infectious and probably […]

Bugatti Chiron’s mileage isn’t as bad as you think

Amidst the hybrid revolution that boomed in the second part of this decade, the Bugatti Chiron is perhaps the only hypercar that stayed true to its nature. Shunning the greens, the latest from the French carmakers come with a monstrous 8-litre W16 quad-turbocharged (only) engine producing 1,479 bhp of power and 1,600 N·m of torque. […]