[Video] After Supercars, Dubai police testing insane Hoverbike 3

You knew this day was coming- the age of hoverbikes has finally begun but instead of a saddling a millennial billionaire, the first one is going somewhere least expected- a Police Department. What would a police department do with an insanely pricey, sparsely tested hoverbike? Show-off, of course

Hoversbike 3 Hoversurf

The Dubai Police Department is known for their insane collection of supercars but looks like they have had enough fun with them. The future has come early in the cash-rich city and this Hoverbike S3 by Hoversurf is probably just the start.

Here’s the police department testing out the bikes:


Hoversurf Hoverbike 3 – Price & Specs

At $150,000, the Hoverbike 3 is a useless luxury at best but so are most things in the Dubai PD garage. Its practicality in the sand nation needs to be tested, and with razor sharp blades and a 60 mph top speed- no one’s going for a low-speed chase either, unless a mass beheading is warranted.

The bike can hover 16 feet over the ground for almost 30 minutes and is made mostly of carbon-fiber. An improved S4 model with better performance and efficiency is also on its way. Think of it as an oversized drone for the moment but as time goes by, and better technology developed, its practical applications will be limitless.

For whatever reason Dubai decided to buy the Hoverbike, I think it will give a nice push to the segment both in terms of capital and marketing. Hopefully, we will witness more development in the near future.

Hoversurf Hoverbike 3 Dubai


Dubai Police Hoverbike 3 Hoversurf

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