Evoke Electric bikes in India- Plans for a 150cc first, ‘6061’ later?

Last year, Beijing-based electric motorcycle manufacturer ‘Evoke’ was in the news for their elaborate ‘electric bike’ plans for India. A new decade was approaching and the market as a whole was favorable. However, things didn’t turn out so well and with a pandemic going around, most of these plans seem to have been put on hold. Currently, they seem to be working on their 6061 power scooter and dealing with unexpected hiccups as a result of COVID-19.

blue electric motorcycle by Evoke

Let’s check out what was said and what we can expect in the future from this brand:

Evoke Electric Motorcycles: The plan

Nathan Siy, CEO and Co-founder of Evoke Motorcycles was very optimistic about the Indian electric market last year. In an interview with AutoCar Pro, he said that Evoke was planning to make India their manufacturing hub and ensure at least 70% localization on their products. He went on to state that their first electric bike will be positioned in the highly competitive 125-150cc segment– so you can understand why localisation and affordable pricing is necessary.

Evoke’s sub-150cc bike will be based on an all-new platform codenamed Project M1 and might have a more efficient motor.

What about the Evoke Urban and 6061?

It seems that Evoke has no plans to bring either their ‘Urban’ streetfighter nor the ‘6061’ Power Cruiser to India. What they will bring, instead, is the expertise both these motorcycles provided during development.

The Evoke Urban has a modest 19kW motor that can achieve a top speed of 130 kmph. This is pretty much in ‘Revolt’ territory but Evoke seems to be concentrating less on power and more on the range!

In comparison, the 6061 (interestingly named after the metal in its frame) has an insane 160 bhp motor that returns 272 Nm of torque, and reach 230+ km top speed! That’s going up with the likes of the Harley Davidson Livewire and obviously, sees no market in India!

Another interesting thing to look forward to is their ultra-fast charging stations, which the CEO claims will provide cost-effective, accessible and hassle-free charging to their customers. These stations will be able to refill 80+ percent of charge in less than 15 minutes!

electric cruiser motorcycle

Evoke Electric bikes in India- what to expect?

As of now, nothing much! The manufacturer has put most of their production on hold and the 6061 (though being extensively tested on the empty streets of Beijing) will take a few good months to come out! The economic uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 needs to go before investors are confident and Evoke, to re-think or dust-up their Indian strategy.

Let’s hope for the best.

(images of Evoke Urban and 6061 attached)