Most Expensive ‘new’ car in the world – RR Sweptail

Rolls-Royce Sweptail Bestpoke Most expecsive car in the world Rolls Royce

When you are a billionaire with enough money to leverage Roll-Royce into building a Bespoke model, putting more than 4 years of development, you can have one of these – the $12.8+ million Phantom Sweptail. Only one such model will be made available and is claimed to be the costliest ‘new’ car in the world.

This is probably the largest 2-seater in the world too and looks wise, it is stunning..erm..from certain angles. The whole car is inspired by the Roll-Royce’s of the 30s (like the Boat Tail Speedster) and has enough angles to break the speed record, going backwards. While its top and rear shots are stunning, the front and 3/4 ones are little less amazing.

The accommodate its new tail, the interior has been thoroughly restyled as well. Rolls-Royce claims that they have provided the ‘cleanest’ dashboard ever to be seen on their cars, too bad they didn’t provide any images to reveal what that actually means.

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New Rolls Royce Sweptail

RR Sweptail top view

Image are screen grabs from this video



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