First Rs. 1.35 Cr Honda RC213V-S Goes To A Honda Dealer In Manchester.

Riding a MotoGP bike is a dream for us fans and followers of the sport, and it would have remained so if it wasn’t for someone at Honda, who came up with the Idea for a RC213V-S. Essentially the RC213-V (Honda’s MotoGP bike) with lights, the bike with a price tag of €188,000 is still inaccessible to most of the world. But for a very lucky (& rich) 250 people, they are gong to have the widest smile on their faces. Like this guy below, who just received the first unit of the motorcycle.

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Honda-RC213V-S owner
Mr. John Brown runs one of the top-three Honda Motorcycle dealerships in the UKa

Honda-RC213V-S Delivery

A Honda motorcycle dealer based in Manchester, Mr. John Brown said that he was eyeing for one of these bikes ever since Honda went ahead with the project. He is also an avid collector of Honda motorcycles.

“When I first heard of this project I thought ‘when this happens I have to have one of these’. It is a truly amazing opportunity to own a piece of HRC racing history. As soon as it went on sale I registered my interest on the website, and when I received the call from Honda to say my order was accepted it was a very special day for me,” said Brown.

“I joined my family business as a 17-year old and have been a Honda dealer ever since. My dealership has been one of the top-three in the UK for many years and the bike will be great with my existing collection. I’d like to thank all the people at Honda for making this dream come true.”


With almost 250 units of the Honda RC213V-S being made, Honda will be raking in close to 40 million Euros which can be used for further development and research of their MotoGP bikes.

Honda-RC213V-S front
Honda RC213V-S Front

Honda-RC213V-S-Side rear

honda-rc213v-s street ride
Honda RC213V-S Front ride


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