Ford Escape 2020 // HYBRID | Price & Release

It’s no secret that Ford is pushing for more ‘utility’ options in their portfolio, especially after State-wide fall in demand for conventional cars. This is a sensible move too, as unlike in Europe, the Blue Oval couldn’t quite make a mark in the US small car and sedan spaces. Not bringing the Focus, or its ‘Active’ variant here, is proof. Future portfolios will then be restricted to Crossovers, Sportscars and the occasional Supercars.

2020 Ford Escape Crossover

Ford’s immediate course?  Update their portfolio with this beauty- the 2020 Escape.

Ford Escape 2020 design and competition

The 2020 Ford Escape has worthy rivals in the Toyota RAV-4, Honda CR-V and the Subaru Forester, and the segment as a whole is, arguably, one of the most competitive in the country. While this is the case, some of these crossovers are not exactly pageant-worthy and could definitely look better. This seems to be the area which Ford tried to exploit most.

The new Ford Escape has a friendlier face, courtesy of different headlight and grille orientation. Headlights are smaller than before, and a mesh grille replaces the bars. Its smiling face is a stark contrast from the grumpiness of some of the others in this segment. In fact,  there seems to be a distinct ‘European-ess’ about this one.

The crossover is built on Ford’s new design philosophy, and as you can see, is closer to  the Focus than the outgoing Escape. It is wider and longer than before but is also lower and lighter by about 200 pounds (91 kilograms).

There is more space inside the cabin and a lot more tech. An 8-inch infotainment display comes as standard with an option of 12.3-inch.

New Ford Escape interior light

Engine and hybrid

A 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder should power most of the Escape’s base variants while higher trims get a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. These mills are capable of producing 180 hp and 245 hp respectively. Transmission is an eight-speed automatic, sending power to the front wheels. All-Wheel Drive is available.

For the greener of you, the 2020 Escape comes with a hybrid 2.5-liter four-cylinder capable of producing 209 hp (156 kW) o maximum power. Electric range is expected to be 30 miles (48 kilometers).

Ford Escape 2020 price and release date

The new Ford Escape will reach US shore by fall of this year. The hybrid model will be late by atleast six months. Prices might not change much, and the base trim could start at $24,999

New Ford Escape Crossover - Kuga

New Ford Escape 2020

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