Ford F150 Electric & Hybrid in works | Release date

Ford F150 Electric

In the wake of increased competition, especially from ‘unconventional’ source, Ford is slowly cozying up to electrification on their trucks. Can’t really blame them- Tesla is on a roll  and they will eventually bring  out a pickup truck. Even smaller manufacturers like Rivian are jumping in to the lucrative segment. The F150 is and should to be the top-dog in the segment for a few more years but seepage of customer can only be prevented if they have wider portfolio . This is in addition to the competition from conventional rivals like Chevy and RAM, the latter bringing out a 1000 lb-ft RAM HD recently.

Ford F150 Electric

This doesn’t mean that Ford is phasing out the gasoline models, at least not in the near future. They are likely to introduce a hybrid model first, and then  slowly move to  full-electic.

In an interview with Detroit Free Press, Ford president of global markets Jim Farley said:

We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid.

He infact talked about the threat from Tesla and even Rivian. Ford is going to concentrate 90% for their resources on trucks and SUVs, so you can understand why they are studying the segments deeply.

Ford F150 Electric –Release date

According to credible reports, the F150 hybrid will be released in 2020 as a 2021 model. The fully electric model will only go on sale after that- possibly in 2022.

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