Freedom-68 Experiance – The Harley Davidson Freedom Ride From Cochin

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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride
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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride
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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride
harley hog ride kochi
Harley Davidson Freedom Ride

The 68th Independence day celebrations saw a host of interesting things happening in and around Kerala.So instead of just sitting around and going on with our plain old regular routine we decided to do something really big . And what more to define ‘BIG’ than Harley Davidson . The spice coast Harley was planing to conduct a Freedom Ride, along a very scenic stretch of land ,traveling almost 500 km’s to reach Danushkodi in Tamil Nadu. So in association with Harley Davidson Kochi , we decided to cover their  journey through out Kerala , which is almost 200Km’s . We will be bringing you our entire experience through out the day , on a series of 2 articles under the name Freedom-68 .You can also  go through our entire pictures on our official Facebook page : AUTOPROMAG


Its quite hard to believe that even with all the seriousness and commotion , we still have time to have fun . And Fun is just the word that we would use to describe our experience on that Day. We where asked to reach Harley Davidson Cochin at almost 5.00 clock in the morning as the leg was to commence by 5.15 am. . We reached there in time and what we saw there can only be described as exhilarating . Almost 28 Harley Davidson bikes from all classes where lined up in anticipation of what comes next, The show stopper clearly being the Harley Davidson Fatboy .

By almost 5.30 in the morning the H.O.G’s decided to start the Journey . After a short prayer , all the engines where switched on in Unison ,raring to go . The roar of the exhaust just seemed to creep to your heart , What better caffeine do you need to start your day . All the bikes where pulled up in formation outside the showroom and by 5.35 am the ride began , The next stop being Allapey ( Alappuzha) where the Flag-off was set to take place. The Live pictures where brought on the 15th and you can read the article here : HD freedom Ride LIVE


As the Ride began , we where soon faced with a serious problem . We where hoping to catch some really great moving pictures of the Harley Davidson’s as they moved along. But catching up to the H.O.G’s was seeming quite impossible. Most of the time we where left trailing  the dust with only the exhaust being heard. So we decided to skip to Plan B , from the next checkpoint onwards.

In less than half an hour we reached Allapey . This is where the real fun began . We took some really great pictures of the bikes there and the Flaggin-off ceremony was conducted . To get better pictures of the bikes we decided to get a head start on the H.O.G’s and  we stationed almost 1 km away from the Allapey checkpoint.

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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride
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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride

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The Next check point was at Punalur near Adoor, where the H.O.G’s would gather for breakfast. This would be our last check point , from there the riders would move on to Thenkashi in Tamil Nadu . The ride was smooth and our next photo session came at the half way point where the H.O.G’s regrouped . This is where we had the first proper chat with the riders .We took the time to take some really great pictures and even took some of our own . After a break of ten minutes the ride was continued …

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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride


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Harley Davidson Freedom Ride

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harley davidson wall papers

By almost 10:30 the H.O.G’s reached Punalur . But unfortunately this is where our ride ends .We bid farewell to the riders there and began our 200km ride back.

The Freedom Ride to Dhanushkodi will last  3 days and 2 nights .

With this we have completed the first half of our Freedom-68 Journey . The second half is all about cars – Both Vintage and otherwise. You can go through the posts on our dedicated freedom-68 Page.

 All Picture are owned and distributed by . Usage without permission would have legal consequences . Picture’s: Jose J Olickal , official photographer AutoProMag


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