GENEVA 2015 : The New Audi R8 Revealed.

2016 Audi R8 Geneva

new  Audi R8 Geneva motorshow

Audi has revealed the new Audi R8 at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland, and we are ‘pleased’ to admit that we take back some of the thing we’ve said earlier.While the official pictures of the car ,which were released earlier wasn’t anything to be excited about , In person it soon became a whole different story. Infact the more we see the new R8 , the more it’s design is growing on us.

Suddenly, the front doesn’t seem all that boring and complimented by the (beautiful) newly designed rear section, the car is just an absolute looker. A whole lot of carbon fiber has been used. A new chassis (from the Lamborghini Huracan) and improved interiors are provided as well. All these changes have made the new R8 , a mature more sophisticated sportscar , and has widened the gap between their sister company-Lamborghini , even more.

2016 Audi R8 Geneva

Mechanically , Audi has hinted that a possible V6 and V8 versions of the new R8 are on works .However for now only two 10 cylinder models, namely the R8 v10 and R8 V10 plus are available. Further details on the car had been discussed earlier – New Audi R8 Revealed

Audi is also working on a no-emission all-electric rear wheel drive R8 , which claims to be a hugely improved version of its predecessor. The Audi R8 e-tron , as it is called will use a t-shaped battery pack , powering 2 motors connected to the rear axil. The car is capable of producing a 456bhp of power and 920Nm of Torque. The range between charges will be an amazing  444 kms.

new grey audi R8
New Audi R8 at Geneva



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