The Grand Tour not touring, pitches tent

The Grand Tour ditches tent

The Grand Tour was one of the biggest shows to premier in 2016. Though it went on to become a huge success, there were certain things that we felt could have been improved. The moving tents were one among them and fortunately, we won’t be seeing them in the next season.

The Grand Tour premier review- Things to improve

All the three hosts- Jeremey Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, earlier hosted the UK version of BBC’s Top Gear. One of the highlights of the show was its brash British-ness, which felt lacking on the Grand Tour. The venue of the latter was set in a different city each week and the host’s unfamiliarity with the location made the indoor conversations feel scripted and dull. This time, however, the moving tents have been done away with and the show has a permanent location in the Costwalds, Central England. This not only brings the hosts closer to the comfort of their homes but is also a very economical option for Amazon. Setting up a huge air-conditioned tent in the middle of nowhere or on a port seriously costs money, money which the producers are keen on saving.

Have you seen the trio’s IMDB bios?

Amazon is going all-out to make the Grand Tour’s second season bigger and better than before. The hosts will continue to travel the world in their 100 day schedule, driving in places such as Croatia, Mozambique, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, Colorado and New York. We hope to see some changes to the show’s segments as well.

Grand Tour cotswolds england

If you want to book a spot among the live audience, Amazon UK is accepting applications online now. The process closes on 12:00 AM BST on Tuesday, October 3. The team will shoot in Britian for 10 days starting from October 25. The show premiers later this year.

More details will come out in the coming months. Stay tuned

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