Harley Davidson Cochin- [LIVE]Freedom Ride to Danushkodi .

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Harley Davidson Cochin – Freedom Ride

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We are live here at Harley Davidson Cochin on this beautiful Independence day morning, where almost 30 Harley Davidson bikes of all classes have been lined up to go to Danushkodi , Tamil Nadu as a part of the Harley Freedom ride 2014. This is for the 2nd time that Harley Davidson is conducting such a ride in Kerala. We will be traveling with them for almost 200km’s or 3 checkpoints until they leave the state of Kerala,so that we can get first hand impression of the ride and bring our readers the pictures of the H.O.G Ride.You can get more up to date info on our facebook page which will be constantly updated through out the ride.

The 68th Independence day celebration see’s a host of motorcycling crews ( both official and otherwise ) taking it to the streets and showing their passion .Check out all the latest updates that pops up this day on our dedicated page : Freedom-68

Its not all day that you see such a mighty gathering of the H.O.G’s and isn’t something that you want to miss.The ride will begin at Harley Davidson Cochin and will move along a very scenic piece of road to reach Dhanushkodi , almost 500 km’s away .  The H.O.G’s will stay there till Sunday .

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Harley Davidson Cochin – Freedom Ride
Harley Kochin
Harley Davidson Cochin – Freedom Ride

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Most of the Harley Davidson’s currently available in India where present at the event .Hi-definition pictures from the ride and a complete experience of our Independence day journey will be provided in the second Fredom-68 Article!

Please Stay tuned for more updates

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