Would Hero buy Ducati? Scrambler for 3 lakhs?

Ducati hero

You probably heard from your friend or through WhatsApp that Hero MotoCorp is on the verge of buying Ducati. Is there any truth to this matter? Will Ducati even sell the Scrambler for Rs. 3 lakhs!?

Hero MotoCorp is not in the verge of buying Ducati. All these rumours started with a Reuters article claiming that Volkswagen is ready to sell Ducati to potential suitors, with an estimated market valuation of near $1.5 billion. If you actually read it, you will know that Hero is not buying the company instead Ducati will be communicating with some of their peers (including and perhaps foremost, Hero) to find potential buyers.

This doesn’t mean Hero will not buy Ducati. However, at the moment they seem to have their future portfolio sorted out and are in no pressure to procure such a big brand. Also, their partnership with EBR had provided them with good amount of technology and expertisse.

Hero Scrambler
Moving on to the second question, even if Hero buys Ducati, the current mode of operations will definitely continue. So the Scrambler’s or any Ducati’s price for that matter will not change, at least in the near future. What we will get however, are better Hero bikes.

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