Hero Electric Bike [AE47] coming in 2021. Priced above 1 lakhs!

Hero Electric showcased their AE-47at this year’s Auto Expo. The company expects to launch the bike next year under a new name and hopefully, with slightly better design and specs.

Hero electric bike red

Hero Electric bike: It is not Hero Motocorp!

‘Hero Electric’ is not part of Hero MotorCorp but is still under the larger Munjal Family Group. Naveen Munjal- MD of Hero Electric Vehicles, has the rights to sell EVs under the Hero brand as per a 2010 family pact. Naveen is the cousin of Pawan Munjal- The current Chairman of Hero MotoCorp.

Why 2021?

Hero Electric already has three EVs lined up for 2020. Like most manufacturers, they are concentrating on the popular Electric scooter segment instead of bikes. The extended lockdown is also not doing any favors either! The manufacturer is thus looking for a mid- to late- 2021 launch.

Okinawa Oki100 electric bike

Priced between 1 and 1.5 lakhs! [More localization need]

Headlight of hero electric bike

At the moment, it seems that Hero Electric sees very little prospects in the electric bike segment. Their Prices will still be competitive with existing electric bikes like Revolt. However, it won’t be a threat to the promising but still unexplored ‘Electric Commuter’ space. I believe that anything with the Hero brand name should start out here.

Another reason for the high price is that most of its parts- including motor and batter- comes from China. The company visions a 70% localization in the future. However, until that materializes there will be lesser benefits from India’s FAME-II subsidy scheme which is pro-eco-localization.

Does the specs justify? Top speed 85 kmph!

The Hero Electric AE-47 has a 4kW motor which can be fully charged in four hours. Its range is 160 km in eco mode and 80 km in power mode. Top speed is on the lower side though- 85kmph, while 0-60 kmph is reached in nine seconds.

The bike gets all the bells and whistles of a modern electric two-wheeler. Front and rear combi-disc brakes, reverse mode, and first-in-class cruise control are notable additions!

Even with all its features, the AE-47 still feels lacking when compared to both electric and conventional motorcycles in its (expected) price range. Hopefully, they will address some of these as the bike enters production.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.