Hero Karizma 200 / 250 to launch in 2017?

New Hero Karizma 200
Hero Karizma ZMR at Auto Expo 2016


There were reports that Hero might pull the plug on their Karizma brand in 2016, following what was one of the most disastrous updates we’ve seen. Both the new Karizmas (R & ZMR) failed to live up to their predecessor and barely managed four digit sales in the previous one year. What is even sadder is that both of them where decent looking motorcycles delivering ample power.

Hero has many reasons to kill their Karizma but if you have been following its development since day one you will know that there are even more reasons to keep it going. The bike has a loyal fan following even today and a great product from Hero can easily pull them back to the company.

Hero to launch new flagship January next year.

Mr Markus Braunsperger, Chief Technology Officer at Hero MotoCorp has said in an interview with Bikeadvice.in that:

I completely understand. To see it suffering… (nods head) No doubt it is a little bit like the premium segment where we really have been doing well. Entering into the segment first. Having received great market success. This is what we are focusing as well. To be there. Be acknowledged and valued by the customers. The brand will be there. The brand has to be there, no doubt. But give us some time. We will make the Karizma fans happy as well.

2017 Hero Karizma

Hero Karizma 2017

The website further claims that Hero’s R&D will soon start working on a new Karizma model but whether it is a facelift or a completely new version is still unknown.

We expect the new Karizma to be based on a new platform with better looks and a new engine. The engine might be a higher tuned version of the 200cc mill that we saw on the Hero Xtreme 200S. This will also provide enough buffer with their upcoming HX250 and XF3R.

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