Honda 150SS Racer (Next-Gen Grom) details

2018 Honda Grom 150 Racer

Honda revealed their gorgeous small (monkey) bike concept- the 150SS Racer, at last year’s Bangkok Motor Show. It looks similar to the popular Honda Grom (or even the Navi which is available in India) but is much more aggressive and sporty.

The Japanese manufacturer hadn’t revealed any plans for the concept then, but now they’ve come up with CB150R ExMotion, which is its production version. Honda says that they will expand the design to other models as well. Seeing how well the Grom is selling, both in south East Asia and America, this design could be inherited by it in the future.

Honda Monkey is a global model! coming next year

CB150R ExMotion – Production version

The production Honda 150SS Racer is called CB150R ExMotion and it has been launched in Thailand. Here’s more details:

Honda CB150R ExMotion revealed- Life in Exciting Motion


Pre-launch report

Honda 150SS productioan bike

The production version of the Honda 150SS Racer has been spied testing. Recent reports citing a leaked brochure claim that the bike will be called CB150F.

The CB150F looks similar to the concept but it has been made more conservative. Its swing arm seems like a rectangular box-type unit and the wheels, tailpiece and the fuel tank are all less aggressive.

The bike gets features like USD front forks, rear monoshock, 10-spoke alloy wheels and split seats. Its engine is a  single cylinder, liquid cooled unit, attatched to a diamond frame.

Image- MZ Crazy cars

Honda 150SS Racer

The Honda 150SS is expected to at least provide an inspiration for the next generation Honda Grom. However, knowing that this concept comes with carbon disc wheels, carbon fenders, a Megaphone exhaust and USD front forks, it is safe to say that its production models wouldn’t be as Spartan.

Price $3500
Release date 2019
Engine 150cc
Power 13 bhp



Talking about the design, the Honda 150SS Racer looks small yet aggressive. It gets circular single headlamp at the front with LED lights along with big fat tyres. On the sides, the contrasting blue color feels futuristic and the bike comes with a heavily sculpted fuel tank with integrated LED indicators, half fairing and a gorgeous Megaphone exhaust. Its instrument console is all-digital and a gyro cam can be seen at the rear.


Powering the 150SS is a 150cc engine whose power figure is not revealed yet. The bike is expected to churn out maximum of 13 bhp and 11 Nm.

Honda 150SS Racer release date

Honda 150SS Racer

The Honda 150SS has already spawned a new model but it could also serve as an inspiration for other bikes including the next-gen Grom. Its not clear when the bike will be released though, our best guess is 2019.

The 2018 CB1000R could have a similar design

Honda 150SS Racer price

Price is expected to be higher than the Grom, at $3500 but it might be lower depending on the direction which Honda markets the product.

New Honda Grom

2018 Honda 150SS

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150SS Racer
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