Honda Activa CNG Kit- Price, Mileage, Launch date

Honda Activa CNG India

The Honda Activa CNG is part of a ‘first of its kind’ pilot program started by Government of India, whose main objective is to test practicality of Compressed Natural Gas on 2-wheelers.

Honda Activa CNG Kit: Report Brief

-Central Government starts new pilot program to test effectiveness of CNG on two-wheeler

-50 ARAI certified CNG equipped Honda Activas to be used.

-Technology will be opened to general public once the tests prove fruitful.

Honda Activa CNG kit

Stricter Euro IV and BS-IV emission norms have now pushed motorcycles to curb their carbon footprints and become much cleaner. But unlike what we have seen on cars over the past few years, anything drastic as a completely different power source still remains alien to 2 wheeler. While there have been many electric concepts, and even electric superbike (such as Harley Livewire, lightning and Energica evo), We are yet to see a ‘Tesla’ being made.

This is where the Honda Activa CNG comes in. It is a pilot project started by Goverment of India to test the usability of compressed Natural Gas on two wheelers. It is currently limited to Delhi- one of the most polluted cities in the world, and will be conducted by Indraprastha Gas and GAIL India.

As per the project, ARAI certified CNG kits are retrofitted to the Honda Activas. Initially 10 scooters are commissioned (Out of a total 50) and will be used for Dominos’ Pizza delivery. Routine feedback and check-up will be done to know the performance, efficiency and emission.

With CNG equipped models, the emission is expected to reduce by close to 75% (over petrol). But it is not just emissions that are reduced. The cost per km also goes down by as much as half.

The range of the Activa CNG is 120 km for a single fill and as per current fuel prices, cost/km for CNG model is 0.61 paise/km while it is 1.3 Rs. for petrol model.

The Honda Activa CNG consists of two 1 kg tanks fitted where the glovebox is situated. By doing this, the rear luggage space is kept free.

The Central Government has not provided a specific timeline for the project. Once favorable results come out, the project will be expanded to more cities and may be opened up for general public.

Honda Activa CNG Kit price

The total cost of CNG equipped Activa is expected to be around Rs. 70,000/-. Once the project gets Central Govt.’s nod, the kit will be made available for the general public.

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