Honda CBR1000RR or even a 1100RR for 2019 !

Honda CBR1000RR 2019

Honda CBR1000RR 2019

According to reliable sources, Honda CBR1000RR will be redesigned for the model year 2019. It is touted to be the most powerful liter-class motorcycle on launch and could be evenly placed with the 214 bhp Panigale V4. However, rumours of a V4 Fireblade are unfounded.

The developments are a pleasant surprise to us as the Fireblade just recently got an update in 2016. Redesigning flagship liter-class motorcycles takes time and money, and most manufacturers stick to a ‘don’t fix if not broken philosophy’. The current generation CBR1000RR is neither broken nor mellow, so the only reasonable explanation is that it was only a buffer model to keep the fans satisfied until Honda could come with a much better one to usher the next decade of superbikes- and what a bike it’s going to be!

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Honda CBR1000RR 2019 design and specs

The 2019 Honda CBR1000RR is expected to have a design which is an evolution of the current model. It will also bring in some details from the CBR600RR, especially a central air-duct at the front to redirect air directly into the intake. It will be based on a revised frame as well.

Apart from sharper fairing and updated pillion, the new CBR1000RR will also is an upgrade in spec. However, these have not been revealed yet. Engine will continue to be the same in-line four which is on the current bike but (allegedly) tuned higher to produce 212 bhp! If indeed that’s the case don’t expect the power to be this monstrous throughout the line-up, and there’s likely to be a low spec model with near or below 200 bhp powers.

Should you believe this?

2019 Honda CBR1000RR

Well, yes and no! We are still sceptical on how Honda will squeeze out 212 bhp from its current 1000cc mill. It only produces 189 horses now, and we think 200 is achievable and frankly necessary. However anything above 210hp would need a much more capable mill, possibly of higher capacity.

So at the moment we are treating the 212hp CBR1000RR with a tad bit of doubt. What the rumours do entail, however, is the possibility of an upcoming Panigale-competing model. This might not be the CBR but a RVF1000. Yes, I know the speculations have been going on for some time but Honda does have a patented semi-monocoque chassic design and a V4, similar to the Panigale, and this gives hope.

Another (and our favorite) way by which this could work requires the existence of RFV1000. The RFV would be slotted in the liter-class space while the CBR1000RR is promoted with a 100 or more cc to be within direct competition of the Panigale V4! This would also explain the need to update its frame.

Guess time will tell.

Here’s why existence of RVF and CBR would be absolutely awesome!

Price and release date

The Honda CBR1000RR 2019 should be present at the upcoming EICMA and will begin to reach dealerships early 2019. Starting price is should remain within $17,000 (for standard) but if it is indeed a higher displacement model, prices will go beyond the $20,000 mark.

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