Why Honda CBR250RR, CBR300R, CBR500 not launching in India?

Honda CBR350RR 250RR

Honda CBR250RR, Honda CBR300R, Honda CBR500 will not launch in India.

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-According to Yadvinder Guleria, senior VP at HMSI, some popular Honda models will not be reaching India

-Instead, new products will be launched this year

-Honda Africa Twin is next in line.

Honda CBR500r India

Popular sub-500cc Honda bikes not to launch in India-Full Report

Recently Yadvinder Guleria, senior VP at HMSI, said in an interview with overdrive that none of their more awaited models, including  recently launched CBR250RR will be making its way in to India. The statement has made Honda fans across the country to go in to a frenzy and they have began to ask why the manufacturer hates them so much.

While it may be true that popular models including the Honda CBR250RR, CBR300R and CBR500R are not going to launch in the country, silver lining is that he said “there would be other new products to be launched in India this year”.

The manufacturer is currently readying up for launch of their Africa Twin motorcycle, which was showcased at the Auto Expo 2016.

Why Honda CBR250RR will not launch in India?

Honda CBR250RR India

The Honda CBR250rr will not launch in India for the same reason that it will not launch in Europe or USA. The Japanese manufacturer is heard to be working on a higher displacement motorcycle, possibly a 350rr, for launch in these markets.

Though quarter liter motorcycles have been showing a steady decline in the last few years, for some very popular markets like Indonesia and Japan, manufacturers are forced to make them due to the tax benefits in place for sub-250cc two-wheelers.

So, much like the R3 and R25, we should  get the bigger displacement iteration.

Why Honda CBR300R, CBR500 will not launch in India?

honda cbr300r or 250r india

It is uncertain whether the source has asked about the updated CBR250r, because according to many report it will be coming to India, not the 300R. This will enable Honda to keep the prices low, in range of KTM RC200, and thus avoid excessive competition with the RC390 (Spied-2017 KTM Duke 390). This will also widen the gap between the 250r and the 350rr.

As for the fate of CBR500 and its iterations, we are not expecting any one of them to launch in India, atleast in 2017. The main reason is that Honda will not be able to price the bike right enough to make it desirable.

H0nda CBR500R vs KTM RC390

Knowing Honda we are not giving guarantees on any of the above predictions, especially those of the Indian market. But at the moment, these are the ones keeping our hopes up.

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  1. This post should be well spread. Bang on guys. Indian so called bikers are crying over 250rr not coming but the reality is Honda understands there is no market for a 250 in India. Even R3 sold only 900 units in 1 year. All those who r blaming HMSI for 250rr will only go and take a DP along with 250rr and not buy it if launched . A 350cc one is in the works and hope HMSI brings that soon at the same time as US and Europe

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