Honda Launches The 2015 CBR 150r In Indonesia ,Coming To India By 2015

cbr 150r indonesia launch
CBR 150r In Indonesia

Honda has put rest to all the speculations and have launched the all new 2015 CBR 150r in Indonesia with an entirely new look  and a brand new tag line ‘Live To Race‘ . Now the CBR 150r looks similar to the  CBR 300r,  with its new fairings and the dual headlights .The changes are not just  limited to its looks and Honda has given the bike some performance tweaks as well .The 2015 CBR 150r will have better comfort and reduced vibrations because it has dropped the Perimeter frame in lieu of a Truss frame and the suspension is a pro-link instead of a swing-arm mounted unit.


cbr 150r repsol pictures
CBR 150r In Indonesia
all colours cbr 150r 2015 new
CBR 150r In Indonesia



red blue cbr 150r

spotte cbr 150r

The New CBR 150r continuous to use the 149.4 single cylinder four valve liquid cooled engine . Some changes to the new models include a new muffler ,cylinder head and a changed ECU unit ,and there will be a slight change in the output of the CBR 150r ,now generating 17.1 PS of power as compared to the old model which generates 17.8 PS .  The torque  has increased marginally to 13Nm at 7500 rpm compared to the old models 12.66  Nm at 7500 rpm , Both the bikes use the same sproket ,but the new one has 46 spokes where as the old one had 43

All the new changes in the engine of the cbr 150r has been made to improve the rideability, providing a track-oriented feel and keeping the bike in a mid power band . The electronic equipment’s on the bike has been improved but still there is no engine kill switch . The new CBR 150r will provide better mileage and stability.Honda will replace its present model with the new model by next year . The market has not reacted to the new CBR 150r so well after its launch at Indonesia and comparisons with the YAMAHA R15 V2 has already began. Hopefully the Honda will price it wisely to take on the YAMAHA R15 .

black cbr150rs 2015

new cbr 150r repsol

cbr150r 2014 colours
CBR 150r In Indonesia

16 thoughts on “Honda Launches The 2015 CBR 150r In Indonesia ,Coming To India By 2015

      1. Hi, I was just going to book old cbr 150 today but suddenly came across this news that new one is coming. When the bike is expected to be launched, its march now. I have put my booking on hold.please help.

          1. it s almost end of 2015 but there is nothing yet hopefully in jan 2016 but i dont think so ?

        1. Hey Sachin, Sagar here can we talk i also have same condition like u….
          but confuse…..
          no -9986706015
          I don’t wana wait so much ….and if i do then might be they put its Price High then?? why person got for 150 its better to go for 250
          go for Bike less than 1 lacks….what do u think…..

  1. is pickup and gear switch of honda bikes better than hero bikes??like new cbr150r vs new hero hx250?

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