Honda working on a retro six-cylinder, possibly 2019 CBX!

Honda CBX 2019

Well this is a surprise! We have received some very exciting images from Japan’s Intellectual Property Office which may hint at the rival of a much loved brand- the Honda CBX. The six-cylinder motorcycle came with the praise of being the fastest production motorcycle at its debut in 1978, and now, we might finally get a worthy successor! Coincidentally, 2018 is also CBX’s 40th anniversary which makes the timing just perfect.

2019 Honda CBX- Not just for the show!

Manufactures have a way of going overboard with concepts and prototypes as the EICMA nears but these images hint at something far more ‘real’. There’s nothing bohemian about any of these pictures and the designers clearly wanted them to be production-spec. Really, the only thing that’s left to know is whether this is a series production model or just a limited edition one, commemorating CBX’s history.

Honda V4 superbike

Why do I say it’s not just a showboat? For starters, the bike has all its lights in place. These include headlight, taillight, DRLs and indicators. There are rear view mirrors as well which, last time I checked, never make it to a concept. The frame incorporates other mandatory installs such as footpegs (for the pillion as well) and nameplate holder. Look closely and you can even see conventional stacked transmission set-up and ABS sensors on both wheels!

In a more general sense, this is clearly a neo-retro café racer and its BMW R nineT Racer rivaling design comes with bullet-shaped fairing, single seat with pillion cowl, clip-on handlebars, long fuel tank and exposed frame.

Honda six cylinder CBX 2019

What about the engine?

There’s every hint of a high performance, high revving, possibly 200bhp 1.0 in these pictures but we don’t want to confirm anything yet! What we know is that this motorcycle is a 6-cylinder and that it’s going to be awesome!

2019 Honda CBX – When can we expect it on roads?

Honda, as expected, refused to comment about the development but based on the images we have, the new CBX (or whatever Honda decides to call it) might be officially revealed at the 2018 EICMA in Milan. The bike should then go on sale in limited markets across the globe as a 2019 model!

2019 Honda CBX 6 cylinder

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