HyperLoop One India Challenge details – Vote for your preferred route

Hyperloop is a futuristic, ground-based transportation network that is claimed to be two to three times faster than the fastest high-speed rail. It is the brainchild of inventor and businessman Elon Musk, and had recently invited registrations from different parts of the world.

Out of the 2600 registrants from around 90 counties, we can be proud that 5 from India have been shortlisted among the top 30. Now ‘Hyperloop one’ has opened an India based poll to see which the most preferred route in the country is.

Here are the 5 choices for HyperLoop One India:

  • Gateway of India to Marina Beach, Chennai via Pune and Bangalore – In 63 minutes
  • South Mumbai (Old City Center) to Port of Kolkata via Mangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad –  in 190 minutes
  • Mumbai Port to Old Delhi via Indore & Jaipur in 80 minutes
  • Bangalore Palace to Thiruvananthapuram Central Station via Kochi and Coimbatore in 40 minutes
  • Chennai Port to Bangalore International Tech Park via Chittoor and Kancheepuram in 20 minutes

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Hyperloop India

Here are the semifinalists:

  • AR Buenos Aires Cordoba
  • AU Sydney Melbourne
  • CA Ring of Fire
  • CA Toronto Montreal
  • CA Vancouver
  • CH Shanghai Hangzhou
  • DE German Loop
  • EE Tallin Helsinki
  • ES Madrid Tangiers
  • FR Corsica Sardinia
  • IL Eilat Tel Aviv
  • IN Bangalore Thiruvan
  • IN Chennai BangaloreA
  • IN Chennai BangaloreB
  • IN Freight Corridor
  • IN Mumbai Chennai
  • IN Mumbai Delhi
  • KS Seoul Busan
  • MX Mexico City Gudalajara
  • NL Dutch Loop
  • PL Warsaw Wroclaw
  • SA Durban Joburg
  • UK Glasgow Cardiff
  • UK Liverpool Hull
  • UK London Edinburg
  • UK Northern Arc
  • US Boston Somerset
  • US Cheyenne Houston
  • US Gary Louisville
  • US LA Ensenada
  • US Kansas City St Louis
  • US Miami Orlando
  • US Midwest
  • US Nevada
  • US Rocky Mountain
  • US Colorado
  • US Seattle Portland
  • US Texas Triangle



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