Is DC2’s hideous E Amby a marketing trick?

  • Apr 9, 2020
DC2 e amby eleectric ambassador

Who is designing cars for DC Designs or rather DC2 nowadays? what do they expect with a car like this? Do they think that this is the new Cybertruck or something?

DC2’s rendition of an ‘Electric Ambassador’ utterly disappoints in every aspect. Even worse, they are calling it the ‘eAmby’- officially, in their Facebook handle with the tagline India’s own national car identity for politicos, celebrities and the elite (smells like an IP violation to me).

What is the reason for my hate?

Because DC2 is marketing it as the ‘Electric Ambassador’! Unless you are Hindustan Motors or Groupe PSA, this just looks like a poor man’s Bentley and an on-steroids Dzire bundled into one.

DC Designs had a nice (but still overdone) concept in 2008 but this is nothing in comparison!

DC2 e amby eleectric ambassador

I get it, unconventional is Mr. Dinesh Chhabria’s style but he needs to learn to separate his car and customization businesses. Instead of bringing an ‘eAmby’ he should be looking at creating a car that the general Indian populace can relate to ‘DC’ as a brand. My estimation is that DC Designs has enough fans and celebrity customers to fill the 5000-odd unit they are trying to make each year. Further, if they learn from the mistakes of Avanti and bring a premium-spec electric sportscar that would still be a better option than this abomination!

Talking about specs

The technical development of the E Amby has been outsourced to a Swiss company. Currently, their plan is to have four electric motors-one for each wheel, an aluminium space frame with light carbon composite material at center, and a claimed 0-60 kmph time of less than four seconds!

On the flipside, the manufacturer is also not sure if it should be a two-motor or a four motor model yet. They want to bring it out next year (if public ‘FEEDBACK’ is favorable) and the production could also be outsourced.

So why does the ‘Electric Ambassador’ exist?

Electric Ambassador by DC 2

An ‘Electric Ambassador’ is basically free marketing, something any company would love when they decide to change their name overnight. Of course, this is nothing new, and renditions and concepts have been used for promotion since long. However, using some other brand’s intellectual property or cultivated emotions for this purpose is rare and frankly, unethical!

Of course, I don’t think that they are not making an ‘electric car’ but a few more details would have been nice. I am particularly interested in whether DC2 will still call it an Electric Ambassador (and risk a massive law suite) in the future?

This is what we have at the moment:

  • A prototype to gunge customer response
  • Practical and accessible yet priced half that of Mercedes E-Class?!
  • 125 mm wider and 170 mm longer than the stock Ambassador
  • Coming out by end of 2021

Is it too harsh from my side to call DC2 E Amby as a promotion gimmick? Would you buy it? Comment your thoughts below.

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source: electricvehicleweb