Is the KTM Duke 390 safe?

2017 KTM Duke accident - safety

Q) How safe is the new KTM Duke 390. Is there a reason for all the crashes that have occurred in recent months?

I feel that this question, though easily answerable, is seldom properly addressed. We like to clarify that the Duke 390 is extremely safe, in fact, it is one of the safest you can buy at the price point (or even higher up the range).

The bike offers front and rear disc brakes, dual channel Bosch ABS and premium Metzeler tyres which are more than adequate for a bike in its spec-range. Apart from these, all it features including its wp suspension and braking are top notch.

So what is the reason for all those crashes you’ve been seeing? This question itself is false. There is no official report that suggests that the Duke 390 has been involved in a higher number of crashes. The bike is an easy prey for anyone looking for a catchy headline for their social media post and reports, which are often shared by thousands. People see a crashed Duke as a perfect example to educate the youth about dangers of rash driving and speeding, most of the time not even considering who was at fault in the first place.

Duke 390’s Ride-by-Wire explained

Yes the bike is flashy and it has lots of power but these are usually not the reason for a crash. Also, the Duke twins (triples now) have been sold in more numbers than most performance bikes in India which could be the reason for the seemingly higher number of crashes.

Note that driver negligence plays a good part in incidents involving the Duke 390. In most cases, having proper ride gear would avert any serious injury to the rider. However, the Duke 390 belongs to a price segment in which most people usually don’t bother to buy good quality ride gear (even though it’s absolutely necessary). Overspeeding and carelessness also factors heavily.

KTM Duke 390 road ride


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