It seems as if Both the Pulsar 375 and the 200SS have been Spotted Testing!!

Pulsar 200 SS and The Pulsar 375 spotted
Pulsar 200 SS and The Pulsar 375 spotted


There have been lot of speculations going on about the 2 pulsar bikes ,The 375 and the 200 SS . Some say the bike spotted is the 375 while others say it was the 200SS . But on closer inspection  we feel that both the 200 SS and the 375 (or a bigger abs version of 200ss)has been spotted check out some of these pics .

The main parts that caught our attention are the
> Exhaust
> Fairing

The exhaust seem to be very different in both the bikes . Also the 2 test mules are spotted having slightly different fairing . The numbering on the bike spotted by overdrive has  ‘3’ while that spotted in Right has number ‘1’ . Overdrive who published pic’s of bike ‘3’ says 

” Ours(number 3) has narrow cutouts around the projectors while others (other spy pics) show a much bigger cutout. On the sides too, the front triangle on our shots seems to have a cutout while others show a concave surface without the cutout.”  

They felt it was because of the bad plastics on these test mules . But we believe it is because they are very different bikes . Bajaj May be planning to launch  the bikes similar to the RC series but at a much lower price tag . 


Pulsar 375 spotted and spied pics
Pulsar 375 spotted and spied pics