Kodiaq delivery delayed: Considering a used Land Rover Discovery Sport

BHPian motorhead5 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. My Kodiaq delivery (Sportline) is eternally delayed from April to August to no date commitment anymore. I could wait for the Meridien. But that would also be Q3 2022 like the Kodiaq. So I am exploring used cars and came across a mid 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE version that has less kms on the odo (35k and good condition). And the asking price is more or less around the Kodiaq price (+/- 1L). It’s a 177bhp diesel motor with 5+2 seats, which is good. Still in warranty. This is the launch thread on Team BHP back then. I am in a serious dilemma as I would prefer to have the car by April/May time frame. I think there would be more folks in the same boat as me. Would appreciate feedback from all experts. Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:So let me take a stab at this as someone who’s in the market for either a Kodiaq (outlier) or a Meridian (most likely, barring any fatal flaws). On the side I have also told my friendly SA at Land Rover to keep me apprised if he comes by any sparingly used Discover Sport models – my parameters being, the current face lifted version, less than 2 years and 20,000 km and preferably under 60L. Firstly on timelines: From what I’ve heard from Jeep dealers, the car is most likely to be launched in May (max) with first lot deliveries to commence almost immediately from launch. So we’re really talking mid to end calendar Q2, not Q3. Not sure if you can wait just that little bit more but if you can, I would suggest you do. Secondly: used Discovery Sport vs new Meridian*: This comparison is understandably speculative given that the Meridian is not launched yet. I am putting my views down on the basis of press reports and what little I’ve seen of the Brazilian Commander. I’m keeping the Kodiaq out of this comparison on the assumption that its at a minimum an August delivery per your post and that’s a deal breaker for you. The thing with the Discovery Sport is that while its a brilliant product, it isn’t the most fuss free one and is known to suffer from more than routine niggles, which aren’t necessarily cheap to fix. Personally, I would NOT opt for a four year old LR for that reason, however low the mileage as I would want the maximum residual warranty and as new a product as I can get in the used market. I might be willing to pay 10 – 15L premium over a new Kodiaq or Meridian for that assuming I buy into the proposition – again, not sure if you’d be open to stretching your budget by that much. With the Meridian, what I anticipate is you will get a brand new car that is 80% capability of a Discovery Sport in overall feel and luxury factor at close to 60% of the price. (Perhaps less on hard core off-road ability not sure but I doubt I’ll have the courage to subject an 85L car to anything more than what I’d subject a Jeep to). For that reason, rupee for rupee, I feel a brand new Meridian (or a Kodiaq for that matter) is probably better value than a 4 year old Discovery Sport. Either of the Jeep or the Skoda will be comparably plush from the inside, have the same feel good factor and in their own right have strong brand equity. Not Land Rover strong but strong regardless. Perhaps wait it out at least till April or early May by when I suspect Jeep might let out more active teasers on the product and if you’re lucky maybe even the initial previews / reviews.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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