[Video] KSRTC bus T-bones Mercedes-Benz C220 near Kottayam

Mercedes C Class KSRTC accident

New video shows a Mercedes Benz C-Class being T-boned by a Kerala Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus at high speed. Occupants of the car (& bus) escaped without major injuries.


The Mercedes C220 was trying to cut lanes to enter a fuel station when the accident happened. The bus, which was coming at a high speed, hit the car on its sides and came to stop shortly after. Fortunately, all the curtain airbags deployed and the superior German engineering ensured that the aftermath was less than what you’d expect from a crash of this magnitude. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed at the fuel station.

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Our take

The Mercedes probably saw the bus coming at high speed and rushed to take the turn. What he didn’t see was the Volkswagen Polo coming out the pump. There was a momentary pause, which was more than enough for the accident to take place. It’s hard to tell if he could have gotten away with it if not for the VW Polo but there’s no doubt that it would’ve been very close.

The bus driver didn’t seem to have any intention of braking. However, we feel that heavy rains and wet road probably hindered visibility and prompt braking. Also, another bus can be seen overtaking just prior to the accident which could have hindered the driver’s (in fact, both the drivers’) view.

C Class and bus accident kottayam

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