KTM Duke 390 Electric spotted. What does this mean?

KTM Duke electric

It could mean any number of things, actually. This could be the first prototype of a production electric streetfighter or even a project done by one of their customers without any affiliation to the manufacturer. As of now, we don’t have a clear answer to the matter and KTM has declined to comment on it as well.

Could it be a new ‘Duke E’ Electric 390?

KTM already has the Freeride E-SX, E-SM & E-XC in the segment, which mean they are taking ‘electric’ seriously. They have not denied the report either.

Looking at the bike, KTM may be continuing with their PMAC electric motor design (on the E-ride models) as indicated by the single cast motor cover. Liquid-cooling radiator can be seen, which could be for an engine or for cooling the rather large battery pack.  Keeping the spirit of the Duke intact, a gearbox is provided and you can see the clutch cover, lever and cable.

EV is all the rage right now and it’s not moronic to think of an electric bike from the Duke family. At the moment, however, this may be just KTM testing out opportunities of the far future.

Nissan Leaf 2018
KTM electric duke

Thing we are not so sure off

KTM testing their electric motor in a fully kitted (with decals) old generation Duke 390 is not normal and we don’t see the point. Also, when was the last time you saw a KTM tester out without proper ride gear, or worse, not fastening his/her helmet?

KTM Duke 390 Adventure coming out in 2019 


KTM 390 Duke electric
We really want to seen an electric KTM Duke (KTM Duke-E) but as the pictures indicate, this could very well have no association to the manufacturer at all. Even if it has, the bike is in very early stages of development and is not expected to come out before 2020.


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