A LaFerrari on Steroids? Meet The Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari FXX K  front
Ferrari FXX K
Ferrari FXX K  rear
Ferrari FXX K


As if the LaFerrari wasn’t perfect enough , Ferrari has decided to go a step further and bring out an ultra-track focused version of the LaFerrari. The Ferrari FXX K, much like the Enzo FXX is  part of Ferrari’s Research and Development program. The letter K stands for “KERS- kinetic energy recovery system” , which was developed so as to maximize track performance.The Hypercar will  make official debut at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi . The FXX K will only be available to a select few , who are handpicked to be a part of Ferrari driver development program.

So what has changed? Apart from the obvious beefy appearance , the car also gets quite a bit of performance upgrades . For starters this hypercar produces a good 87PS more power than the LaFerrari , at 1050Ps(1036 hp). Of this power 860PS (848hp) is provided by the 6.3 Liter naturally aspirated V8 ,and the rest by an electric motor inside.Transmission duties will be done by a 7-speed DCT

Ferrari FXX K interiors
Ferrari FXX K

The airflow system of the car has now been completely redesigned with a 50 percent downforce improvement in the low drag configuration and 30 percent improvement in the aggressive downforce configuration .The Aerodynamic of the car has also received upgrades , which you can easily make out from the pictures.Front end of the car is now mostly dominated by the large splitters and the twin-profile spoilers.Ferrari seems to have  successful managed to incorporate their GT experience at the World Endurance Championship, in to this car.

The rear section is extremely menacing and now sports a higher tail section with small wings on either side.A mobile spoiler and a vertical fin has also been provided .The small wings at either side does have a purpose and is used as guide vanes in low drag configuration and improves spoiler efficiency in high drag conditions. The silencers have been completely removed.

Reports suggest that only 30 Units of the Ferrari FXX K will be produced and is expected to cost over 3 million dollars.

ferrari FXX K all pics
Ferrari FXX K

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