Lamborghini Urus Coupe & Pickup truck rendered

New Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus has been gaining good amount of attention in recent months and the hype surrounding it refuses to die down. Initially, the SUV received flak from purists for its design or rather, general existence. They didn’t want a SUV to tarnish a brand, which was for them the pinnacle of supercar excellence (even though life started as a tractor). Now though, most people have begun to realize that the Urus is essentially a slightly bigger, albeit unorthodox, supercar.

The reception for the SUV has been superb and almost all of its initially allocated units have been sold out. (What else should you expect from Lamborghini’s first production SUV?)

The Italian manufacturer has given thought to the practicality of SUVs too and thus, the Urus comes with four side doors as standard. However, this is Lamborghini we are talking about and practicality and all other menial bullshit should have been least of their concern.  I honestly think a 2-door coupe version would have looked much better. Fortunately, someone did just that…. with a computer.

Lamborghini Urus Coupe & Pickup truck

On a scale of 0-10- 10 being the highest chance of either of the models entering production, the Urus Coupe would be an 8 and the Pickup, -100. The coupe looks good (as expected), and could be the design of choice for the SUV’s sportier S and SV variants. Lamborghini could also release it as a second variant at a later point in time.

The Urus Pickup is a good way to kill time if you have a curious mind but nothing of the sort will materialise (ever!). While this may be the case for Lamborghini, some the world’s biggest manufacturers are jumping on to the bandwagon.

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Lamborghini Urus 2 door coupe

Lamborghini Urus Pickup truck

Lamborghini sees the Urus as the next step in the brand’s future. If you think a Lamborghini SUV was just messing with the matrix, just think how people would react to a hybrid Lamborghini supercar.  So the Urus will also act as a good platform for the brand to test out new technologies that would otherwise fall against what they ‘signified’. So expect a hybrid Urus soon and possibly a fully electric model by 2020.

Source- X-Tomi Design

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