Mercedes AMG Project One is stunning

Mercedes AMG Project One front

Mercedes-AMG has finally revealed their Project One hybrid Hyper car at the ongoing Frankfurt Motorshow. The car will be available in limited numbers and will obviously command a very high price.

Revealing the car at the show, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mr. Dieter Zetsche said

This vehicle will make all previous performance limits at AMG and Mercedes look small

He further added that the Project one will be “the most efficient” hypercar of its kind

Price €2.275 million
Release date 2018
Power 1000+ hp
Production run 275 units

Design wise, the Mercedes-AMG Project one looks absolutely stunning and its body is a single carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. The car is extremely aerodynamic, and the large air-channels at the front and rear, big diffuser and sculpted spoiler do nothing to hide this fact. The roof scoop is even more dramatic and extends as a tail. Its massive opening sends large amounts of air to the ‘puny’ 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine. Why? Well it is small just in size and the engine is actually a beast derived from Mercedes’ F1 car.

Interior looks amazing but it is kept minimal, probably more than your average hypercar. There’s F1 styled steering wheel, two displays, bare-minimal center console and seats that we’ve only seen in concepts till now.

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Mercedes AMG project one interior

Mercedes AMG Project One – Powertrains & specs

The Mercedes Project One’s advanced engine sends over 671 hp (500 kw) to the rear wheels aided by an electric motor. It’s safe to say that this is the most power that has ever been drawn from a sub-2.0L production mill. Pneumatic valve controls and electric turbocharging is provided, and Mercedes claims that the car has achieved 40% thermal efficiency.

In today’s world 671hp might feel a bit tame and that’s why the German manufacturer has introduced two 120 kilowatts (161 hp) motors to each of the front wheels. The electrical system runs at 800V and brings the total power output of the car to over 1000bhp. Further, 80% of the braking energy can be recuperated from the front wheels to the batteries.

Top speed Above 217 mph (350 km/h)
0-200 kmh Under six seconds
Electric range 16 miles (25 kilometers)

Mercedes AMG Project One price & availability

The Mercedes AMG Project One is arguably the closest thing to a road-legal F1 car yet but like the latter, you probably won’t be able to ride one of these. Only 275 units will be made and all of them have reportedly been sold. The car is priced €2.275 million (that’s about $2.27 million), which is not a surprise considering the amount of things that have went in to making it.

Mercedes Project 1 rear

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