Mercedes Concept A Sedan to inspire future small cars

Concept A sedan

The Mercedes Concept A Sedan showcases how future Mercedes small cars will looks like, and we are loving it already. Upon entering production, this design will be incorporated in to cars like the A-Class, B-Class, and the GLA, the CLA and even a new small coupe and convertible.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan Exterior and Interior- Review

Mercedes Benz concept A
Daimler chief design officer, Gorden Wagener said that “the time of creases is over”.  We’d love to board that train too as this particular concept looks stunning.  The absence of any unnessecery lines and its smooth design transitions help the concept to look much better than the CLA.

At its front, the large vertical slat grille and sleek headlights reminds us of the AMG GT concept. The headlights are coated with special UV paint that change colour based on the the light around them. Below the grill is a large airdam which channels air to either side of the engine.

Absence of creases means that the car’s sides are different than usual, and they come with 20” alloy wheels, and even door mirrors (not normal in concepts). Rear looks good too and gets a diffuser and integrated boot spoiler.

Interior isn’t revealed yet but should not be much different from existing Mercedes cars.

Mercedes Concept A Sedan- Price, Release, Availability

Mercedes Concept A Sedan
The Concept A Sedan will inspire Mercedes’s next generation small cars based on the MFA2 platform. As such, pricing of the new models will be similar to current generation ones.

More details on price and release date of each model will be available next year.


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