New Car launches in 2019

If you ever were in need of tangible proof that 2019 is going to be the year for the motoring industry, then look no further. 2019, undoubtedly, is going to usher in an automotive revolution for the Indian Automobile Industry and we all should be excited to witness this monumental occasion.

Only once you take a look at the upcoming car-launches scheduled in 2019, will you be able to better comprehend the seismic shift the industry is about to experience. From emissions-reducing hybrid technology and 21st-century design to electric power and cutting-edge technology, we are about to witness the future of motoring unravel in front of our eyes.

So, what better time than now to look up quotes for car insurance online as well?  With a slew of exciting launches ahead, looking up the various car insurance plans will leave you in a better position to understand the potential on-the-road price of your coveted dream vehicle as well.

Car Launches to Look Forward to in 2019

For years, Indian customers were only able to choose between the two engine variants of diesel or petrol. Then came along CNG, but the hassles associated with CNG ensured that it never truly proliferated in the consumer market and remained primarily a cab aggregator favorite.  Yes, electric cars were present, but their uninspiring designs meant sales never really took off. The first-ever electric eKUV100 looks to put an end to all that. First showcased at Auto Expo 2018, this car is scheduled for mid-2019 launch and is expected to achieve a claimed range of 140 km in just a single charge.

Another manufacturer making a foray into the electric market is Nissan with its new generation Nissan Leaf electric car. Expected to slot in the premium price bracket (Rs 30-40 lakh), the 40 kWh battery should hold enough charge for around 400 kilometers of driving in real-world conditions. With its sharp looks, this electric wonder is destined to handle user needs well and should accelerate like a breeze too.

Then there’s the long-awaited sub-4-meter SUV from Mahindra, the Inferno, which is all set to occupy the space between the TUV300 and the Scorpio. This compact SUV is aimed at city-slickers who want a small SUV to look stylish in and is expected to be priced in the range of Rs. 8,00,000 for base model all the way up to Rs. 13,00,000 for the top-spec model.

Luxury Car Aficionados – Watch out!

Important names in the Indian luxury car sales charts are also set to be replaced as well. Newer versions of the Audi A6, BMW X7, Audi A8, and Jeep Wrangler are all expected to be released in 2019 laden with innovative creature comforts, some clever electronics, as well as more space and comfort, to match the increasingly tough competition.

The Bottom Line

Besides the cars mentioned above, brace yourselves for several other new car launches over the course of the year. In in the interim, why not shop around for car insurance plans if the policy of your existing car is need of renewing. Car insurance premiums for all cars is set to become expensive in the forthcoming fiscal year which is why it makes sense to look up the best car insurance policy bargains right now.


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