Kawasaki Electric motorcycle : What you should know

Kawasaki showcased their incredible ‘J-Concept’ electric three-wheeler way back in 2013. Back then we said that it was too bohemian to ever make in to production, and unsurprisingly, that was right. Neither the concept, nor its tech was ever used again. In fact, their arch rival Yamaha beat them to the 3-wheeled segmet by releasing their Niken last year.

The year 2013 was not really big for electric motorcycles and anything on the lines were seen as futuristic. Now that the future is here, Kawasaki wants to jump on the bandwagon.

2020 Kawasaki Electric street fighter

What the patents tell us

The leaked patent design shows us a very normal looking streetfighter which is certainly not as outrageous as the J-Concept. Goes on to show how ‘normalized’ our vision of electric mobility has become, for better or worse.

The non-functional fuel tank could house a futuristic instrument console or doubles as a small storage area. Its battery and motor are tucked as centrally as possible to provide better stability.

No so conventional- oil-cooling, ram air intakes and a clutch

It’s not just gasoline egnines that produce heat, electric ones produce just as much and efficient cooling is needed to keep them from limping. This is especially true for higher capacity motorcycles that are pivoted toward performance.

For this motorcycle, Kawasaki employs a front-mounted oil-cooling with slump beneath the motor.  A ram-air induction system can be seen, which could cool down the battery and even the engine.

The diagram also shows the existence of a clutch. We don’t know what kind it is but every motorcycle is better with one. Efficiency and motor life will probably increase too, as the latter won’t have to exert anything more than it needs at higher gears.

New Kawasaki E naked bike

..but, this is not enough!

Kawasaki has a habit of patenting ‘never-to-be-seen-again’ products almost as a sport. In fact, they had applied  a similar looking electric bike design back in 2012. Of course, that didn’t materialize and this could very well not.

We want to think otherwise, and based on how electric mobility is gaining ground, this is the best time for Kawasaki to brush up their patent.
Kawasaki J concept electric new
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