New Nissan Leaf revealed – Gets better battery & more range

2018 Nissan Leaf white

Nissan has finally revealed the new Leaf, in what can be seen as one of the biggest electric car debuts of the year. The car was revealed simultaneously in Las Vegas and Japan, its primary markets, and will be brought to more countries in the coming months. The Nissan Leaf had remained mostly unchanged since its inception in 2010, which along with the advent of newer competition such as the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt, made a newer model inevitable.

The new Leaf is priced starting from $29,990 in USA and will be available in 50 states and across all their EV-ready dealerships (which now touches 80%).

For more details on the leaf’s price and release date, check out 2018 Nissan Leaf

New Nissan Leaf battery, motor and range

The Nissan Leaf 2018 will be available in both 40-kWh and 60-kWh battery options, although only the former will be made available initially. The last-generation model’s 30-kWh battery pack returned a range of 107 miles while the new 40-kWh version returns close to 150 miles. This is, however, lower than that of the Chevy bolt’s 238 miles and Tesla Model 3’s 220 miles. The 60-kWh version of the Leaf that will be launched next year will have range in excess of 200 miles, closing this gap.

In its lower variant, Nissan has given preference to affordability rather than range. Even after the Chevrolet Bolt EV was launched, the Nissan Leaf continued to rake in good number of sales. Nissan, knowing a thing or two about the segment, feels that 150 miles is plenty for an electric car if you can keep the prices down & features up. In case you forgot, the manufacturer had no plans to launch a 200 mile+ model and it is only after newer competition came up, they decided to go with the 60-kWh model.

Nissan Leaf 40-kWh range 150 miles
Nissan Leaf 40-kWh charge time (80%) 40 minutes
Nissan Leaf 60-kWh range 210 miles

All the electric energy will be send to the same 110-kW motor that is present on the outgoing model, which now has an improved inverter. There is increase in both power and torque but its top speed remains same. There is an improvement in acceleration as well, and 0-100 kmh time has been cut by 15%.

Power 147 horsepower
Torque 236 pound-feet
Top speed (electronically limited) 140 km/h

New Nissan Leaf design- Exterior & Interior

New Nissan Leaf 2018 interior

The new Leaf employs Nissan’s latest design philosophy and doesn’t look much different from one of their gasoline powered car. This is perhaps the first electric car that is not trying desperately to be something from the future, at least in terms of design. The front gets conventional looks (without frog headlights), thanks to betterment in NVH resistance. Its sides look good and the rear is its sharpest feature.

The Leaf’s interior looks tame in comparison to the futuristically minimal Model 3 or that of the contoured Beat EV. It could even be mistaken for a gasoline-powered model if not for the blue lighting that Nissan uses on their EV models. The car gets a 7-inch infotainment system, good looking centre console and an informative digital instrument console.

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New Nissan Leaf – Best features

Nissan ProPilot: It is basically an advanced cruise control which enables the car to keep centered in the highways and even stop if needed, aided by blind spot warning and moving object detection.

Improved Navigation system – Find more charging stations

Self-parking (Japan only) – Self-parking functionality will not be made available in USA initially. As its name suggest, you can hands-free park your car with this technology.

Drive modes and e-pedal– The new Leaf comes with different drive modes as well as an E-pedal, which can be turned on or off (or changed) with dials on the centre console. The e-pedal enables single pedal motion for the car and only one pedal is required for acceleration and braking.

New Nissan Leaf colours

2018 Nissan Leaf red sideNew Nissan Leaf rear