Nissan Leaf Grand Touring (GT) Concept revealed – More range?

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring GT

Nissan has revealed Leaf Grand Touring concept ahead of the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon. This is the second concept based on the new generation Leaf, first one being the ‘Nismo’ that was revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The all-new Nissan Leaf debuted earlier this year and its sporty proportions make it easier for the manufacturer to spawn better looking variants. The Nissan Leaf GT might not be as aggressive as the Nismo but it is still a definite one-up from the base model.

Nissan has not confirmed whether they plan to produce the Leaf GT but it’s very likely. The car will be positioned at the top of the trim line, just below the Leaf Nismo.

Nissan Leaf Nismo revealed

Nissan Leaf revealed with 150 mile range

When compared to the standard Leaf, the Leaf GT is bolder with aggressive lines and creases. It also follows a dual tone (black-matte silver) colour scheme but unlike the stock model, the darker shade extends on to the hood. Larger 5-spoke black alloy wheels can be seen and its bigger tires nicely fill out the gap between the wheel arches.

Interior isn’t revealed yet but Nissan has hinted that there will be changes that compliment the exterior.

The standard Nissan Leaf comes with a EM57 electric motor producing 150 PS from 3,283-9,795 rpm and 320 Nm of torque from 0-3,283 rpm. It comes with a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery returning 150 miles range in EPA cycle.

The Nissan Leaf Grand Touring could however get a bigger 60 kWH Li battery set, pushing the range above 200 miles. This battery pack was confirmed during the launch of the 2nd generation Leaf and placing it in a GT variant only feels fitting.

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring (GT) price and release date

The Nissan Leaf GT could be released next year in USA as a top-spec trim. Price will be higher than the current SL trims $36,200.

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