‘Not the only’ Aventador SV owner in South Africa alleges dealer sold lies.

Lamborghini JHB Sells Lies Aventador SV

You have to be certain level of pissed to scar you multi-million dollar car with some not so good looking stickers. This Aventador SV owner is South Africa did just that and he claims to have good reason for it too.

The owner says that he was promised the only Aventador that was coming to South Africa by a Johannesburg based Lamborghini dealership. Now it seems that at least two of them are present in the country, including a roadster variant, and possibly more.

As a well known collector, he brought the car keeping in mind the exclusivity that came long.

The sticker on the door of his Lamborghini Aventador SV reads ‘Lamborghini JHB Sells Lies’ and he has even started a website to vent out his frustration called ‘Lamborghinijhbsellslies.com‘.

If the allegations are true, he has a good reason to be angry as well.

Image- GT Spirit

Lamborghini Aventado SV south Africa

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