Ola S1 production to begin only by end-2022

Ola Electric has confirmed that the production of the base S1 variant of its electric scooter will only commence by the end of 2022. Ola Electric has stated in an email sent out to customers that it is prioritizing the production of the S1 Pro variant. The company is also pushing S1 customers to upgrade to the S1 Pro. While Ola has commenced deliveries of the S1 Pro, it has been at a sedate pace. Reports suggest that the company ran into production hurdles, which has led to a massive backlog of orders. It will be dispatching orders through January and February 2022. For those who wish to upgrade to the S1 Pro, the final payment window will open on the Ola app on January 21, 2022, at 6 pm. Thanks to the Team-BHP fan (he prefers to remain anonymous) who sent this image in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP share page!

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