Paul McCartney’s 1965 Morris Mini S up for auction!

Paul McCartney Mini Cooper S

The iconic Harold Radford & Co customised 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille– used by Paul McCartney himself, is going up for auction. Originally brought by Beatles manager Brian Epstein for each of the four members, all but one were Radford built. The last one, used by Ringo Starr, was upgraded by Hooper.

What makes this auction special, apart from being possession of a member of arguably the greatest band ever, is that the other two accounted Beatles Mini’s are not likely to hit the floor anytime soon. The last, and probably the most expensive mini in the world- John Lennon’s, is still unaccounted and rumored to be with a private owner.

One of the 4 Beatles Mini - Paul McCartney Cooper S Radford

Paul McCartney Mini Cooper S for auction


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