$2.5 million Pininfarina electric Hypercar teased!

Pininfarina hypercar PF0

Back in 2015, when Mahindra acquired Pininfarina for $185 million, we thought it was to boost their in-house design capabilities and save their ailing passenger car division. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong and this -$2.5 million hypercar– miscalculation is being rubbed in our face the past couple of days.

Mahindra split Pininfarina in to two companies- Automobili Pininfarina & Pininfarina SpA, the latter of which is the design house we have come to love over the years. With help from Mahindra’s Formula- E division, Automobili Pininfarina is a full-blown electric car manufacturer now, aiming to roll out luxury Italian electric cars by 2020. They have a 2000 bhp electric hypercar (Codename: PF0) set for the immediate future and an electric SUV thereafter!

More details of the new venture: Pininfarina want to compete with Tesla!

The Pininfarina electric hypercar- PF0!

2.5 million 2000 bhp Pininfarina Hypercar

Before competing with Tesla, Pininfarina (& Mahindra) wants to show us just what they are capable of- and that’s where the PF0 comes in. Obviously, design is done by Pininfarina SpA and they are unlikely to leave any stones unturned. Our first impression- Uber-sleek, low slung and futuristic!

Engine and performance

This is where things get really exciting. The Pininfarina engineers have gone all out with this new car and you can probably call it an electric Bugatti, perhaps even more. The PF0 (name not official) come with four electric motors which when combined produces nearly 2000 bhp of power. 0-62 mph happens in less than 2 seconds and quarter mile should be like a bolt of lightning. Top speed is claimed to above 250 mph!

When will it be available?

Officially, Pininfarina wants to bring out this hypercar in 2020. Testing will start next year and its reveal will happen towardsthe end. However, before any of us gets to see it, select multi-millionaires will get exclusive peak of the car at a closed-door, invitation-only showing at Monterey Car Week in August.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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