Porsche Taycan- Release, price, pronunciation and other things

New Porsche Taycan electric

Porsche has decided to name their Mission E concept as the Taycan. The electric sportscar concept has amassed quite a bit of fan following since its reveal at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and it’s great to finally see it earn a proper badge. However, we are yet to receive official pictures and this might only happen in November, just before the 2018 LA Auto Show.

When will Porsche reveal the Taycan in flesh?

Porsche, like all German manufacturers, usually reserve their best cars for Frankfurt. However, this time around, their Taycan will officially break cover at the 2018 Los Angeles Motor Show. This, among other things, indicates the company’s eagerness to take on Tesla- the current segment leader.

What does the name mean? According to Porsche, Taycan roughly translates to ‘Lively Young Horse’ in some Asian dialects.

Have they put a release date?

The company has only confirmed that the production of the new Taycan will start in 2019. For German car manufacturer’s this normally means that the car will reach home dealerships by September or October.

US release is usually delayed till the first months of the very next year but due to the special nature of the Taycan, this might be pushed up by a good margin!

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Taycan? No, Liam Neeson won’t be looking for it.

That’s because it is not actually pronounced like ‘Taken’. Porsche’s nomenclature has always been weird and this one’s no different. Call the Taycan as Tie-Kahn, yes, ‘tie’ as the one you wear around the neck and ‘Kahn’ for, well, Oliver Kahn.

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Porsche Taycan- Engine, Performance and charging

Power for the Taycan comes from two motors (one each for front and rear) with combined output of 600 bhp. More horses are provided to the rear wheel, which should make the ride as exciting as an RWD. Of course, a number of different ride modes and settings will be available.

Porsche has also confirmed that the Taycan will ‘consistently’ hit the 60mph (100 kmh) mark in under 3.5 seconds, taking a dig at Tesla in the process. 125 mph comes up in less than 12 seconds with top speed hovering at around 155mph.

Of course, all these numbers are pointless if the Taycan doesn’t have the juice for it. So Porsche is heard to be working on something that will return 310 miles or 500 kms power charge. Before your jaws drop, these are based on the very generous European driving cycle, and more realistic estimation (based on EPA cycle) would be 250 miles or less.

What about Charging time? If you can find an 800-volt charger, 80% of the charging can be done in less the 15 minutes- this has been confirmed. However, we are yet to receive standard non-fast-charging figures.

So what will all of this cost you?

The Taycan’s biggest rival in US- the Tesla Model S starts its range at $74,500. Porsche (being Porsche) is likely to demand a premium over this. At this time, something above $80,000 looks like a good bet.

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