Production Tata H5X (Harrier) will be 80% true to the concept

2019 Tata H5X SUV spied

It has been confirmed that 80% of the Tata H5X concept will be retained on its production model. This is a huge number, especially considering how bohemian the concept is. However, since its futuristic ’no button’ interior with a champagne bottle could account for most of this 80%, the exterior could very well be an exact replica of the concept.

Update: The production Tata H5X is called the Harrier. More details

Jokes aside, the production H5X will take heavily from its concept and the manufacturer’s Impact Design 2.0 should really spread its wings. The car will thus come with bigger wheels (19” as opposed to the concepts 22), prominent front fascia, wide fenders, and an uncluttered interior and exterior. Even though the spied mule came with dummy lights at front, Tata’s new ‘humanity line’ that connects the headlights, grille and the fog lamp will be provided.

The test mule lacked panoramic sunroof and rear AC-vents, which was surprising. Our guess is that this is an early prototype and more features will be added in the later versions.

Production Tata H5X (Harrier) power and platform

Production Tata H5X SUV side

The H5X sits on an ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced (OMEGA)’ platform which Tata jointly developed with Land Rover. This is the same platform that is being used on the new Discovery Sport and is based on the legendary LR4 chassis. This should quell most questions on handling and stability but for the overly critical ones, the production H5X will also have similar floor pan, suspension setup and steering gear configuration.

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The H5X could source power from Fiat’s 2.0-litre MultiJet II engine producing 140hp to 170hp of power. It will be mated to a ZF-sourced 9-speed automatic transmission, sending power to all four wheels. There’s a 6-speed manual available as well.

A combination of both these factors- in-production platform and Fiat sourced engine, will help Tata to keep the price down as well.

Production Tata H5X SUV price, launch and variants

The Production model will be available in both 5-seat ad 7-seat configurations. Tata’s affordable pricing will be in place too and it could start at Rs. 13 lakhs when the model goes on sale early next year.

Production Tata H5X SUV rear

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