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Revolt RV400 – India’s AI-Electric revolution under $1500

We already seen manufactures like Tesla and Rivian jazzing-up the US four-wheeler space but far from home, in India, there’s a different kind of electric revolution happening.

Electric motorcycle RV400

As one of the largest producer and consumer of motorcycles, India was always the prime candidate for electric motorcycles but like everywhere else in the world, failed to capture the imaginations of mainstream manufacturers. Now though, with confidence from booming electric car sales and the support the Indian government along with stricter emission norms, most manufactures are looking at electrification for better returns- with few determined start-ups at the fore front

Revolt RV400- How good is it?

Revolt red bikeAt first glance, the Revolt RV400 is small, nimble electric motorcycle that will go great with that Tesla on your garage. However, purely in an Indian context where motorcycles are mainly used for home-office commute, demanding great mileage and only average power, the RV400 looks like a perfect everyday vehicle

The RV400’s motor is limited to 85 km/h of top speed (52 mph), which is the bike’s biggest drawback. However, it does have class-leading torque which is great for Indian traffic conditions. Power comes from a swappable Li-ion battery that is good for 156 km on a single charge (conventionally taking four hours). These batteries are portable and you can easily remove and charge them indoors. You can also use the company’s ‘Revolt app’ to order batteries to your home or office, or use it to find the nearest Revolt store to get batteries swapped instantly.

One thing which I am not particularly keen on but a lot of people are talking about is the artificial sound that this motorcycle can produce. Currently Revolt, Roar, Range and Rebel sound modes are available but more could be added later on. As far I hate fake exhaust sounds, I would be enraged if every next Revolt bike is playing a Bollywood song at highest volume (everyone saying that this won’t happen has never visited India).

India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle- ‘Revolt’ App

electric street bike

The Revolt RV400 is AI-enabled and can almost entirely be controlled by the ‘Revolt app’ that comes along with it. This is one of those IoT devices that we have seen in premium electric cars and is in no way a gimmick. Revolt’s founder Rahul Sharma must be particularly proud of this feature- being also the co-Founder of Indian mobile brand Micromax.

For starters, you can start and stop the bike using this app. It can show the bike’s location so that you wont have to remember where you parked the bike and on a serious note, doubles as a geo-fencing (theft control) feature. It will show every details of the motorcycle including remaining charge, trip details, total kilometers, and can even do real-time diagnosis of basic problems. The fake exhaust sound which I mentioned earlier is also controlled through this app.

Price, production and availability

Revolt Motors, headquartered at Gurugram, has substantial production capacity of 1.2 lakhs capacity at their Manesar plant in Haryana. This, you must know, is at Phase 1- a strong indication of more Revolt bikes in the future.

The manufacture didn’t say much about its pricing but with incentives under the FAME scheme, customers can probably get the RV400 under Rs. 1 lakhs ($1500).

Revolt RV400

Booking is currently available through the company’s website or Amazon. Brick and Mortar showrooms will pop-up in most metro cities soon.

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