The rich culture of Goa – It’s not just beaches

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Goa is not just the beachy touristy party place it is best known as. Colonised by the Portuguese, Goa has a rich and varied cultural narrative that has been changing through the centuries. These traditional antiquities have been protected in several museums around the state, with each museum telling a different tale. In addition, there are several galleries that seek to promote the Goan art scene. One of the best ways of visiting the museums and galleries, is by renting a self-driving car from companies like Zoomcar and driving down from Mumbai to Goa. The Mumbai to Goa taxi fare is quite an affordable alternative to taking trains or buses and later struggling with local transport. For those who prefer revelling in art and folklore, visiting these places will shed light on the story of Goa.

  • Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery: One of the oldest museums in Goa, it contains artefacts from several hundred years ago. It can be found in Old Goa. Amongst other, it displays inscriptions from Persia and Arabia, mediaeval Portuguese weaponry, portraits of the colonial rulers of Portuguese-occupied Goa, and other historical relics. One can trace the political and social journey of Goa through the objects in this museum.
  • Gallery Gitanjali: Enclosed within the Panjim Inn, the gallery displays the work of several local painters. The gallery is best known for its enormous set of Scandinavian lithographs from the fifties and sixties. One could also involve themselves in poetry, cinema and art appreciation classes.
  • Gallery Attic: This gallery in Panjim features a host of contemporary painters, photographers and sculptors. Most of the art pays tribute to the mixed heritage of Goa, as a multiethnic child of both India and Portugal. Restoration of colonial earthenware and furniture is a mainstay of the Gallery Attic.
  • Goa State Museum: The Goa State Museum in Panjim is filled to the brim with antiquities relating to anthropology, religious art and expression, paper printing, paintings, sculptures, and so on. One can also sit for the screened short films that inform the viewer about the sociocultural aspects of Goa. There are multiple galleries that are part of the museum which holds an impressive collection of artwork and sculptures.

These are a few of the museums and art galleries in Goa that are a must-see for anyone interested in the traditions and culture of the state. Visiting these places will give one a view into the fascinating history of Goa.

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